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Hit Creative is a multi-dimensional creative house, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of our teammates are alumni of Academy of Art University in San Francisco. We specialize in digital branding design and marketing, most of all, creating effective communications with words, visuals, sound and technology to bring brands and customers together happily.

Every brand is different. Every person is unique. There is no an absolutely winning way of communication that we can apply to all. A word, a picture, a song, a film, or even silence can be a way of communication. We have to mix and match them becomingly - depending on the identity of the brand and the characteristics of the target audience - to convey our message and reach our goal eventually.

Whether we want to make a cup of coffee to cheer up a coffee lover or a gourmet dish to allure a food connoisseur, effectiveness is the ultimate criteria of judgement. And, it is better that we can make it as beautiful as an art.

Would you like a cup of cappuccino? Otherwise tell us what you like.




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